Professional Staff Development & Lectures

"DeShannon Bowens is an exciting, imaginative and extremely creative trainer. Any program will be truly blessed to experience an ILERA workshop or program."
Winston Long - Director of Training, Abbott House
CEO of T.O.O.L.S Training Associates LLC

"DeShannon Bowens is an exceptionally skilled and sensitive facilitator and educator on issues of sexual abuse, sexuality, vicarious trauma & wellness. ILERA workshops make a real difference for people working on the front lines of trauma and abuse."
Sally N. MacNichol, M.Div., PhD - Co-Executive Director, CONNECT

"Ms. Bowens was very good explaining the difference between general harassement and sexual harassment. I will begin addressing staff and students of the oppositie sex in a more respectful way."
Male Staff, Biondi Education Center

"It was a pleasure for all of us to have you as our presenter. Thank you for a very professional program."
Professor Laurie Corey - Westchester Community College

"Thank you for coming to my social work class. I found your lecture very interesting and informative. I am going to check your book "Hush Hush" out - someone close to me was molested and never really dealt with it. Thanks again for coming to our class."
Female Student, Manhattanville College

Gender Specific Programs

"We saw a transformation in one of our clients who has a history of extreme violence against women. In the first couple of sessions he looked down often and spoke of reacting to women violently. By the end of Our Brothers, Our Allies he verbalized that if a woman says "no" he realizes he has to accept that. I highly recommend Our Brothers, Our Allies for agencies who work with men in addiciton recovery."
Ann Ferri - Program Director, Greenburgh Open Door

"I truely found this sexual violence program very helpful. Our younger generation needs this education."
Male Participant from Our Brothers, Our Allies

"ILERA’s Empowered Choices program for teenage girls is very worthwhile and challenges participants to think about the powerful influences of popular culture. The program supports and encourages girls to think more independently and not be over influenced by the names, labels, and expectations placed on them by outside influences. It was a pleasure to get to know Ms. Bowens and attend her workshop."
Dr. Helen Fogarty - Resident Psychologist, The Graham School

I learned that you have to be responsible and aware of your surroundings. Other girls can learn more about life and themselves.
Teenage Girl Participant from Empowered Choices

Hush Hush Testimonials

"Hush Hush are utterances whispered by many women, children and men. Hearing the words said out loud and hearing the stories told, allows a cycle a chance not to be repeated."
Brenda Edwards - Author of God's Breath is Singing a Song to My Soul and Proud Parent

"Hush Hush, makes me think seriously about how to approach sex with my 6 1/2 year old. I think of the don't(s) I have shared with my child and the foundation of fear I have instilled. Reading Hush Hush also exposed a tradition of fear around adolescent sex and our tradition of leaving the subject in others hands. Kudos to the author for her courage and sincerity to encourage dialogue around the subject of sex, incest and sacred sexuality. A great foundational beginning for parents sincere about how to present sexuality to our children and how to begin to heal from past sexual exploitations."
Annsih KesMaa-Serud - Architect and Proud Parent

"Hush Hush is an intriguing book about one family’s discussion about sexuality. You hear from different generations and genders in this family. I enjoyed the author’s discussion of her budding sexuality. Hush Hush can easily turn into a video documentary."
Akosua Albritton - Public Relations Consultant and Founder of Planning To Succeed

"Hush Hush is the most insightful and intriguing testimony of sexuality to come in a long time. It's in depth pursuit of the evolution on sexual perception and history is an educational journey. A must read."
Tamara Goode - Chef, Writer and Proud Parent