Hush Hush the Healing Project is now being offered to Colleges, Schools and Agencies!

  • Cycles of sexual abuse can end by including methods to heal shame and silence surrounding sexuality.
  • We create safe spaces for storytelling and transformative learning by providing accurate information about sexuality and sexual abuse prevention.
  • Family dynamics are highlighted in a short version of Hush Hush the play, followed by a workshop with author & psychotherapist DeShannon Bowens and playwright, Aquaila Shene' Barnes.

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Healing Project


In this revised and expanded second edition of Hush Hush, DeShannon Bowens revisits her insightful interviews with the Peterson family. Bowens makes a compelling case that intergenerational healing from sexual abuse cannot happen in Black communities without releasing shame based sexuality narratives from the past. Hush Hush, stresses the importance of empowered sexuality narratives and honest communication within families as a key component in preventing and ending child sexual abuse.


In Hush Hush, DeShannon has created an innovative tool for spurring conversations about sexuality and sexual violence in the African American community. Kudos to this family for serving as a mirror and showing us how we fall short when it comes to providing our children with the information they need. This book is encouragement for everyone to educate ourselves and learn to talk openly and intelligently with the young people in our lives.

Lori S. Robinson, Author of I Will Survive: The African-American Guide to Healing from Sexual Assault and Abuse    

Hush Hush explores personal perspectives on the impact of historical negative sexual stereotyping that has maliciously seeped into every aspect of American culture. DeShannon offers powerful insight for individuals to examine their familial past and present. It is a must read for educators and youth leaders in faith-based and other organizations who are seeking to aide parents and children about the need for safe space to provide sexuality education.

Rev. Dr. Mariah Britton, CEO and Founder of The Moriah Institute - dedicated to comprehensive sexuality and spirituality education for faith leaders



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