Sep 23, 2015


“Perhaps the reason Interfaith, Interreligious and Interspiritual communities lack racial diversity is because they are uncertain about where to start and how to begin. If these circles are genuinely concerned about issues of racial justice and being more inclusive, I would suggest two simple things. First, participate in Undoing Racism workshops. I have personally witnessed social service non-profits, churches and research scientists be transformed in trainings conducted by places like The People’s Institute of Survival and Beyond. There are many other organizations doing great work to make the unconscious effects of racism, conscious. Second, put boots on the ground and reach out directly to people of color. If you want more diversity in your community, you have to let people know you want them there and that you care about the issues that matter to them.”

To read the rest of DeShannon Bowen’s latest article on the State of Formation, follow this link:

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